12 Effective Tips To Write Email That Converts

Tips To Write Email That Converts

Email marketing is essential to run an online business successfully. It is the best way to grow audience in online space & A perfect mail copy is the first important step in email marketing. You should make that first impression is great to your audience which drives them to buy your product. Email conversion depends on opening rates and clicking rates. If you want to write an email that converts most, you must need to know these highly useful tips.  Today i am going to share, 12 Effective Tips To Write Email That Converts.

There are many email autoresponder service in the market. Getresponse, Mailchimp & Aweber are most popular. These all are good for email marketing. I am personally using getResponse for email marketing. 

01. Instant Eye Locking Subject

Very specific and short but attention dragging subject line have the special ability which makes mail opening rates high. Usage of the perfect verb makes subject short and attractive. 35% of mail receiver will click to open an unknown mail, so making realistic trustworthy title makes it easier to grab into the mail body. So try to add eye-catching email subject. It really matters.

eye catching email subject

02. Relevant Email Body

The headline should match with email body as it was described. An irrelevant body may cause of marking it as a spammy mail and may also lead to be reported. This can also damage the trust of mail sender. Email body can have many types of designs but in my sense simplest is the best. you want to write an email that converts so product related neat and clean sweet mail body may convert opener to a clicker. Asking questions in mail body is a good trick to make a body more attractive than descriptive ones.

03. Single Product At A Time

Selecting a product at a time would be wise for a single email. That will help to keep the mail readable and clickable. To check whether your mail will be read at least 25% is to re-read of your own and eliminate the junky lines. When you want to write an email, that converts you should promote a specific product it helps to highlight more information about it.

04. Fast Readable Email Body

You should accept the truth that you just have less than 3-5 seconds to keep drawing their attention. By bolding call-to-action words or buttons and bulleting your products features may also help on conversion. Links should be placed gently because if one skip one, another one might not be skipped.

05. Highlighted Call-To-Actions

Call-to-actions button like Sign up, Get, Order, Buy, Take should be placed in the major eye-attractive area. By coloring them differently helps to grow click rate higher. It will make your conversion rate higher. [For Sure]

call to action example

06. Pointing Benefits with Features

If one know exactly what they are for clicking it needs to be more decorated. Pointing your products features versus its benefits make a buyer more confident. Always remember, Email is a secret weapon in any online business. If you attract people by sending an email, then it is possible for you to convert readers into buyers & make money. Attach affiliate link there in your email 😀

07. Do’s and Dont’s

Never represent a fake product.Don’t use links to and fro. Try to keep it simple. Using heavy images or videos might be taken longer time for a browser. As a result, your message will never be seen. Keep it short and just in one page. It helps people to decide whether they will click it or not. Use easy English words, so it makes your mail more readable. Always remember you have got very seconds to convert opener to a buyer.

08. Three U’s

Urgent-Unique-Useful. Put some words expressing urgency. It needs to draw their instant attention. Make yourself and your mail unique. People always love uncommon things. Time is very precious for your mail opener. Make it useful to them. Try to Add some bonus items makes people more interested such as give them some tips related to your products.

09. Linking UpTrusted Preferences

Usage of third party trustable preferences of payment policies makes a mail opener more interested in a product. They will feel more relaxed thinking that y our product is much more reliable to buy.

10. Reply And Support

No-reply in the mail is a 1980’s concept. Giving your mail opener more space about thinking that they can complain, or they have the way to ask a question, that helps for higher conversion of emails. Encourage them to reply so you may get another chance to convince them.

11. Analyse By A/B Test

It’s a very efficient trick to check multiple emails with different outlook. Send mail to such ‘A’ and ‘B’. Watch its opening rates and clicking rates. You will easily decide how you should write an email that converts. It also helps to list building and to find a real buyer. You may use ClickMagick for tracking and scale up your online business. 

12. Forget Formalities

Making a formal email seems robotic. Inserting different greetings is a good idea. Forgetting yourself as an email marketer and considering as a real life seller will help you to build impression to a buyer. Remember you don’t have the space to talk with them directly but decorating email in that environment may give you that chance.

Motivating traffic through email marketing is hard work. You have to earn their trust and lead them to buy with confidence. Never send more and more email. It damages their trust, and they may unsubscribe or even report against you. Think them as your real life customers. Serve them best through your email and build great impression also for next time selling.

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