15 Ways To Promote Your Blog For Free

If you have a blog and want to make money from your blog and turn your blog hobby to business, then it is essential to promote your blog and drive tons of targeted traffic to your website/blog. There are many ways to promote the website. Some are free, and some are paid. As a beginner, it is good practice to try free stuff to drive traffic to your website. Remember, SEO traffic is always good! Today I am going to share with you how to promote your blog for free. 15 bullet-proof freeways! 😉

1. Comment on other blogs

Just think, you are reading an amazing article on the web and at the end, you see some discussions. One person may be stuck with one problem & He needs a better solution for it. If you know the answer, simply comment there and give him question’s answer.  Each time you comment, enter the same name & UR, people notice you & they will visit your website! Target authority website. You get much more traffic by commenting other blog posts.

2. Post your blog frequently

Posting frequently to your website. It is a good practice. It will boost your search engine traffic & It will help you for gaining good Alexa rank. When you were writing always keep and mind the Google SEO ranking factors. Optimized your keywords parallelly on your post. It will bring your lots of targeted traffic from Google, bing, yahoo.

3. Active in Online Forums

Join some active forums which are related to your niche. Become an active member, contributing to the online forum, help others. Add a link to your blog link as your forum signature. Dofollow forums are essential for building backlinks and driving traffic.

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4. Video Marketing + Video Watermarking

Video marketing is a get way to gain traffic for your website. People are very used to with Youtube, Vimeo. If you make some videos which are related to your blog & upload them on youtube, then people find you on youtube too! If you create the quality video then obviously they share it on social media. So don’t forget to add watermarking in the video. There some watermarking software out there. Which are free and very easy to use. Oww don;t forget to add your website link on video description. In this way, you get more potential traffic on your website.

video watermarking


5. Guest Posting

This is my one of the most favorite way to gain free traffic to my website. May popular authority sites offer the guest post. Select some authority site which is related to your website. Post them on your site as a guest. Link your website to your blog post. Every authority site normally gets thousand of visitors every day. If you write a good quality content and post on their site, then you obviously get the good number of traffic because you add your website link to your guest post. It will not only bring traffic but also you get a quality backlink 😉

6. Use Social Media

People are now spending more time on social media sites. It is a great traffic source nowadays. Create account on every social media sites. Like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Try to use perfect images in your social media profile. Then it looks more professional. Share your recent blog post on these accounts. Grow your website topic related followers on social media.  Share your recent post, Tweet your post at least one time in a day, Create board on Pinterest, Upload an image on Instagram and add post link on your Instagram profile bio, Share your blog post on your LinkedIn profile & topic related groups. Try to share your post each and every social media sites. Hopefully, your blog post will go viral 😀

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7. Write Tutorials

People always like the complete package. A step-by-step tutorial is very helpful for those who are looking to learn something very specific. If you have a design related website, then start writing beginner to advance tutorial on this topic.

8. Respond to comments on your blog post

Care your website visitors for long term success. Reply their comments. Sometimes they ask questions on the comments section. Try to reply them in comments. They will be thankful to you if they found their answer from you. By doing this, you get some regular traffic on your site. In this way, you get to know other bloggers in your niche 🙂

9. Use SumoME Share App

This app makes it easy to share your web content on social media. If you have a WordPress website then simply download the zip plugin from their website & activate it on your site. This social share app is responsive. It makes easy to share content from any device [both mobile & PC users]. Easy sharing means a lot.

Easy sharing == More passive traffic == More Email Subscribers

SumoME Share App


10. BuzzSumo Outreach

BuzzSumo is an extreme tool for content promotion & link building. I use this every single day to do these. By using this you will be able to find most shared content on your niche. Watch this video below 🙂


11. Using #Hashtag

The hashtag is an excellent way of driving traffic to your website. By using the relevent & popular hashtag, you get some quality traffic for sure. You have to be very clever when using the hashtag. There are some sites where you measure the popularity of hashtag. Use a topic related hashtag to share your post on social media. Hashtag is very popular on Twitter and Instagram, now on facebook also. Hashtags make it easier for people to find and follow discussions about brands, events and promotions.

instagram hashtag


12. Share Free Resources

Another way to drive traffic is sharing some free resources. People like free things. If you offer them something free resources with any cost then people will love to visit your website. This way is very effective for reaching the new audience.

13. Viral (Easy Way)

It is very easy to drive more traffic if you post something that, people will love and will want to share. That means trending topic! This type of viral post can drive a ton of traffic to your website. Add infographic on your post & if possible try to add a presentation to Slideshare for more share. You could get thousands of visitors from SlideShare. Make sure to put your website link in description 😛

14. Write an e-Book

Online readers still love e-book. Popular e-books (free) are also shared and many blog owners linked it on their sites.

15. Submit Blog to Blog Directories

Submit your blog to different free blog directories. It will help you in many ways. Your website will get the new audience, will get high targeted traffic & good number of backlinks on your blog. There are hundreds of free blog directory out there. Submit your website on these blog directory for better results.

Hopefully, these 15 ways help you a lot to promote your blog for free. Share this post if you liked it. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions. I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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