5 Common Mistakes People Make When Launching A New Blog

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Many people love blogging because it’s their passion, and people are making money from it. That does not mean blogging is easy, and anyone will be able to make money from their blog. Blogging can be complicated for few reasons. Today I am going to share with you about 6 Common Mistakes People Make When Launching A New Blog. Read these 6 reasons carefully. It will be helpful for you to get the better result you want. 

1. Misunderstand How SEO Works

You have a blog but nobody can’t find your blog! That means there is no value of this (your blog). You need to focus on increasing SEO ranking. You have to be a clear idea about your niche. Buy some SEO tools tell you which keywords you need to target. Improve your keyword density in your blog post. Write SEO friendly high-quality content for your blog.

Then sit back and relax! Waiting for Google to send tons of traffic on your blog.

Misunderstand SEO strategy

Sometimes nothing happens because you misunderstand how SEO works. If you have no good idea about Google SEO ranking factors then I recommended you to read :

2. Covering Too Many Topics

Another biggest mistake is covering too many topics. They post various type of topics on their blog. The problem is the scope of the blog can become lost and possibly disengage the audience. So my advice is -> select your niche first. Know about your niche, post valuable quality content. Grow followers and make them from visitors to regular readers. It will be helpful for your blogging and marketing career. The bottom line is Delivering value sounds nice, but it’s overly in a simplistic way 🙂

3. You Love Complexity?!

Complexity is a sign of academic achievement, intelligence, or sophistication. But in blogging, if you love complexity then you will never succeed in your blogging career. General people like simple, clean things. If you can present them the thing(your topic) in a simple way.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

~ Leonardo da Vinci


There is no need to share your idea in a complex way. No need to dump down your thoughts. Try to keep it simple; people will love you.

4. Not Adding Social Sharing Button

You must advertise your site by yourself. But by this way you can not to even better. Nowadays people are passing a maximum amount of time in social media network. Must add social share button in your blog. If visitors find your post helpful, then they will share your post obviously. It is a great way to gaining traffic, and it is a good signal to rank your website higher.

5. You Are Done Once Your Writing Is Done

Most people make this mistake. They don’t edit/update their writing. Once their writing is done they think all are done. It sounded so fluid in their head when they were writing that it must be great to read … right?

Nope – Your blog post still needs editing. And maybe a lot. Think about your post more. Add more additional information, add more resource. Doing some interlink with your other blog posts. It will increase your page views. Give your post a complete & resourceful look. People will love to do it. Regular update gets your website rank higher. So what do you think about it? Are you Done Once The Writing’s Done?

Solution: Take 20-30 minutes to edit your post.

So take your time to edit your post and make a good shape of your post because most of the time our first drafts aren’t all that great. Fix everything like typing mistakes, accidental error, set image to make your post attractive and so on.

Your post may never be perfect but try to make it perfect. You never know, maybe this post will be viral 😉 Give your best effort for your every single blog post.

These are the 5 common mistakes people make when launching a new blog.

Now tell me where you are.

Tell me where you are struggling.

Tell me how I can help you 🙂

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