5 Effective Ways To Maintain SEO Ranking

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Generating a source of consistent website traffic is not an easy task. It is a long-term process. If you do not have targeted visitors on your website, then it is impossible to make money from any site! And it’s worthless too. If you do proper SEO for your site then surely Google increase your visibility on the search engine, and you get more traffic.

Today, I am going to share with you about how you have worked so hard to achieve ranking and maintain SEO ranking for your website.

1. Update Your Site

Update your site means, post fresh and quality contents in the certain period. Google likes both unique content and content freshness as part of it’s ranking algorithm. You may edit your content and update them if necessary. It means you care about your website.

Know about your website architecture. Sometimes you update several things on your site like the log in area, shopping area, your content management system (CMS), etc. Update your Robot.txt file. Robot file tells the search engine which pages they should index or not. Your website Robot file should be updated to match your site structure.

2. Link Building Is Essential

Link building to essential to rank any website but if you try to build links too quickly, then it will be harmful to you. In the long run, you perceived as a red flag that can potentially get your website banned. As a result, you lose your rank from the search engine.

If your site redesign/modified your URL structure or something, fails to migrate important pages (404 not found), or does not redirect the important pages, your inbound link value will be lost and you will lose valuable traffic. Get your website bounce rate higher. If you want to maintain your website rank, then you need to expand your inbound links to all the various pages on your website. Analyze your inbound links. This strategy will help you to increase your overall website authority and get rank on Google.

3. Speed Up Your Site

Always try to keep all things optimized. Many websites still do not load fast. Keep in mind you are not the only, millions of bloggers posted every day. If your site is slow your visitors will find out an alternative way.

You can measure your website speed by using GTMetrix tool.  You will get necessary performance scores for your site. If you are using as a CMS of your site there are lots of plugin in out there. I use WP-Optimize plugin to remove/delete post revisions, auto-draft, spam comments, unused metadata and not only that it optimized website database too.

page speedTo speed up your site, you need to use a premium theme on your site. Maximum free themes are dust! If you have a passion and take your website to the next level then always use the premium theme. I use focus blog theme for this site. Super fast & Conversion rate is too high. I am happy with it 🙂

4. Understand Your Current Keywords

You can’t run your website as a blind man! If you have a website and take your website to the next level then it is necessary to drive quality traffic. You may understand which phrases or terms people are using to find you. Use a rank checker tool to find the phrases you want to rank for. Create a spreadsheet that shows the date-time, the phrase, the page, and the current average rank. This will let you check them after the site update to ensure they continue to perform the same, or if changes need to be made. So careful about your website keywords.

5. Boosting Social Media Engagement

Every day people are spending a big amount of time in social media and Social media engagement is a ranking factor nowadays. Search engines view each major social media platform as an authority brand. Popular Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn all possess a high PageRank in Google. Content is the best strategy for increasing social media engagement. Boosting your social media engagement and get the higher rank and Create a brand value.

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Actually, search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term process. You can’t be able to rank your website overnight. Normally you need few months before you start noticing the fruits of your SEO labor. So work hard and be passionate 🙂

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