7 Reasons You Should Start Blogging From Today

Start Blogging From Today

I started this Online Earning King blog as a passion. There are lots of reasons behind it. I have been blogging around three or four times each week. It has been an excellent learning experience and in my view, it is the best way for self-development. This blogging changes my life in many ways. Now, my passion becoming my profession. Today I am going to share Top 20 reasons that, You should start blogging from today.

1. Become a good writer

When you write a blog, your primary goal is to get your every blog posts through to the readers/visitors and as you will see, it’s not an easy task. It takes more time & effort into getting your point across, thus becoming a better writer on the way. It is a good practice for you. If you are capable of writing well, then it is easy for you to create an e-book. Create your eBook & sell them on Amazon Kindle or Google Books & make money. Freelance writers also have a good demand in the marketplaces like Fiverr, Up work, etc.

2. Learn new things every day

Most interesting thing is this! Learn new things every single day. If you are a blogger as a profession, then it is mandatory to learn new things and write on about this or implement that thing you learn. It is a good practice for your brain indeed. Technologies, marketing strategies changes every day. You have to care on about this if make money from online is your profession. After starting my blog, it is very common to me learn new things every day. It is very helpful for self-development & gets up to date.

3. Become an expert on particular thing

You have to select your favorite niche. Start blogging on this topic. To write any post you need to learn in details on that topic. It’s a great way to learn. A few years later you will become an expert at something for sure.

4. Build your identity in online space

We all want to create our won identity. But it’s not easy. Right? 😉 But blogging makes it easy. If you are good in blogging, then put you best effort on your website. Write SEO optimized high-quality content, advertise your website. It will give you a higher rank on Google. You get high-quality organic traffic. People all over the world visits your website daily. In this way, you can create your won identity. It is necessary to create all social media profile and attach them in website & share articles on those social media sites.

5. Create new opportunity of business

If you have a good website, then 101 business opportunity is open for you. Blogging is a great way to generate the audience. If you have an online make money related blog, It’s possible to earn money from Google Adsense by monetizing your blog with ads Or earn money by selling various service. Like content writing! Or you may start writing the product review and add your affiliate link to your post. Clicksure, ClickBank, JVZoo are offering good digital/physical affiliate products.

6. Making money #LikeABoss

Blogging open your money making opportunity in many ways. If you have a good number of daily visitors, then start to monetize your blog with ads. Google Adsense, Chitika, Bidvertiser are good website monetizing ads platform.

Start collecting your reader’s email address. Offer them free e-books or Free website newsletters or anything. Collect their email. Send them an informative email once or twice a week & put 1 or 2 affiliate links on email 😉 It’s the great way to earn commissions. Use email autoresponder to do this. Remember email is the secret weapon for online success.

Sell your own ebooks or service on your website. Few blogs are earn 20,000$+ per month by doing blogging & selling various affiliate products. Personally, i like ShoutMeLoud, CopyBlogger very much. They earn a lot by doing these.

7. It boosts your creativity & confidence

Blogging boosts your creativity for sure. If you were blogging regularly, then it’s your task to post at least one post in the blog. Every day you try to publish your post in a different and creative way on different topic. Day by day you will become an idea machine.

It boosts your confidence too. By blogging, you will able generate the new idea, solve problems, find out your strength and much more. Conversations are happening on your blog. People ask you many types of questions. Try to answer their questions. It makes you more confident.

There are too many benefits of blogging. Here I mentioned few. Blogging is not a hobby it is very profitable too. What are you waiting for? Create your won website just in 5 munites & Start blogging.

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