Best 5 PayPal Alternative Payment Methods

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I am using PayPal for almost six years now. At the beginning when I started working on online, I had no enough idea about how to send/receive money from people of other countries, and Paypal made it very easy to receive money from one country to another country. An essential thing for online marketers/bloggers.

As a successful online professional I know, many sites are similar to PayPal with more or fewer features they provide. Now I will list down the best five PayPal alternative sites for money transfer which I have found very helpful to receive payments.

1. Google Wallet

google wallet

Google Wallet also has similar features to PayPal, such as credit card processing and the ability to send out. Google Wallet is mainly used in the United States, but it accepts credit cards or debit cards from many other countries. It acts like the digital wallet, more so in the United States as you can tap to pay in-store with an NFC-enabled Android or iOS device. As for online shopping, there are a handful of online merchants that accept checking out with Google Wallet. It’s a great PayPal alternative money sending and payment receive way.


2. Payoneer


Payoneer’s international payments platform is simply awesome because that allows users to send and receive payments across over 200 plus countries, in more than 150 plus currencies. Users can keep track of their account balance, payments, and full transaction history online, including foreign currency amounts and transaction fees and so on. With Cheap fees!

And the good thing is signing up for Payoneer is entirely free.


3. 2CheckOut


Best Features of 2CheckOut:

  • Easy website integration, no coding required
  • Automatic responsive mobile optimization
  • Fewer fields for fast checkout
  • Seamless smooth integration
  • Full functional control of buying & selling experience
  • Libraries are available in PHP, Python, Ruby and more
  • Multiple Payment Methods Support
  • Advanced Fraud Protection
  • 87 Currencies & 15 Languages


4. Skrill

skrill account

Skrill is a very attractive alternative for PayPal & Payoneer, because of the Currency conversion rates. Skrill allows send & receive money to other users. It works with others online banking services in individual countries and for all other countries, and you easily can send and receive money with a debit or credit card quickly. Each state is also charged differently when sending and withdrawing funds from MoneyBookers. I have personally tried it a couple of times, and The MB transfers work great. They also offer the prepaid master card that works perfectly on millions of shop all over the world. Skrill has iPhone & Android mobile app to make transactions from your mobile.

Create Skrill Account Today *100% Free Sign Up


5. Neteller


Neteller allows users to deposit money on online to be used as a funding source for the prepaid Discover Network that can be obtained from the system. So cool ha? Other Neteller supported eCommerce and functionality are also available as an online payment method. This is different than alternatives that allow deposits to be submitted for free.

Depositing money into your Neteller account requires a 2.5-percent fee when using Visa or Mastercard. This is main different than alternatives that allow deposits to be submitted for free.

Once you add funding to your Neteller account, you are shipped a debit card. You need to pay 13$ for this. This card is like any other debit or credit method and can be used anywhere that accepts the Discover Network not only that you can buy Neteller Virtual Card from your Neteller with cheap cost.

Create Neteller Account *100% Free Sign Up


Hope this post helpful. Leave a comment and let us know If you know better PayPal Alternative payment method 🙂

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