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15 Ways To Promote Your Blog For Free

If you have a blog and want to make money from your blog and turn your blog hobby to business, then it is essential to promote your blog and drive tons of targeted traffic to your website/blog. There are many ways to promote the website. Some are free, and some are paid. As a beginner, it is good practice to try free stuff to drive traffic to your website. Remember, SEO traffic is always good! Continue reading

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Launching A New Blog

blogging mistake

Many people love blogging because it’s their passion, and people are making money from it. That does not mean blogging is easy, and anyone will be able to make money from their blog. Blogging can be complicated for few reasons. Today I am going to share with you about 6 Common Mistakes People Make When Launching A New Blog. Read these 6 reasons carefully. It will be helpful for you to get the better result you want.  Continue reading