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You have an online business and want to scale up it for earn more revenue. Go for Advertisement for advertising! For this, you need to invest your money. When you decide to spend money on an advertising campaign, you want to make sure that you are getting value/profit for your money. In Internet marketing, you can buy ads from many sources, like Google AdWords or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Etc. It is very important that you track all of that traffic. Not only traffic but also sells and so on.

As an Online Marketer, I prefer ClickMagick for a lot of reasons. When I first started, I thought this type of tracking and testing was dumb. I preferred to count “figure things out on my own” and I thought this approach was very smart.

But now all that’s changed. There’s no excuse in online business to neglect a tracking solution. I feel the optimal solution for internet marketers, solo ad providers and buyers and affiliate marketers is ClickMagick. It comes packed with lots of features and is very simple to use. It’s super affordable, and support is fast and excellent.

ClickMagick’s Most Powerful Features

  1. Automatic Split-Test Winner Alerts: This is my most favorite feature. With ClickMagick’s Split-Test Winner Alerts, you no longer have to do any thinking when split testing. Their algorithm will instantly notify you as soon as possible also they provide in-depth details info.image description
  2. Money Layer Technology: Countdowns
  3. Money Layer Technology: The MagickPop
  4. Money Layer Technology: The MagickBar
  5. Advanced Retargeting
  6. Dynamic Affiliate Links
  7. Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis
  8. Content Locking
  9. 24/7 Automatic Link Uptime Monitoring
  10. Automatic “Bot” Filtering
  11. GEO And Mobile Targeting
  12. FB and Google Analytics Compatible
  13. Simplicity, Ease-Of-Use, Reliability & Speed


ClickMagick Cost

ClickMagick Currently offers three pricing plans. All plans come with 14 days free trial. Also, All plans get you unlimited access to all of ClickMagick’s one-of-a-kind, profit-boosting features. The only difference is the number of clicks tracked per month, and the support you receive. 30% off with annual billing.

clickmagick pricing


The 1-Hour Guide To Click Tracking


ClickMagick Happy User Reviews


“ClickMagick has really helped me take my business to the next level. It’s incredibly easy to use, has some AWESOME unique features such as retargeting pixels and a very easy way to set tier 1 targets for links which is extremely useful. I have received very prompt and friendly support when needed. I recommend ClickMagick to everyone!”
Jan Brzeski ,

At the end of the day, I have to say, ClickMagick is a great tracking tool. This system seems to me very cool because of it’s powerful features and pricing. Try 14 days trial and check it’s awesomeness of your own 🙂

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