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Project BreakThrough* is a video course education that has been launched recently. It is 14 days “FREE Traning” program on a subject that is considered NOT being a fast process that you (as a newbie) can do in only 2 weeks. I am talking about is to make money online in the form of Internet marketing.

What is Project BreakThrough all about?

Project Breakthrough is 100% FREE Video training course that will teach you how to earn money from home in 14 days or less and In this course they will show, how to earn your first commissions($$ promoting an affiliate offer. These training videos are very professional and they are going to show you how to drive traffic to their funnel which begins with Project Breakthrough. This course hosts are Vick and Jason they are both are very successful marketer with 20+ years marketing experience.


What You Will Learn at Project BreakThrough

  • How to build very successful online Business
  • Can build your strong Mindset
  • Creating a well-designed landing page with no coding with “SiteSuite”
  • Understand how the process works so you can do it over and over again.
  • Making the most strategic move in marketing
  • Find a custom domain and connect the domain with the autoresponder.
  • Get your first affiliate link ready
  • Set up autoresponder campaign 
  • Get Traffic to your campaign and Get commission!
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How Project BreakThrough Works

In this video tutorial program where Strizheus & Jason takes users through a step by step process on how to successfully make money online. Strizheus compares the program to standing behind his shoulder while he works on creating systems for himself. Because Project Breakthrough is done through videos, every single issue that could come up, anything that could potentially confuse new users, is gone over in detail. All users need to do is follow what Strizheus does.


For a better understanding of what those steps look like, here are a few things Strizheus goes over:

  • What online commissions are and how they work in online space
  • Choosing a product to sell
  • Creating a thorough and effective marketing plan
  • Setting up an effective and attractive sales funnel that really works
  • How to Driving more traffic to the sales funnel
  • Turning traffic into interested leads
  • Turning interested leads into sales 😉
  • Building the process to grow and make more income. If you Active Elite Mastermind you will get 27 income streams. That is really awesome


My ProjectBreakthrough Certificate of Graduation

project breakthrough certificate


Earnings Proof

Project Breakthrough was Launched 8th February 2016. On 22th. February 2016 there was a HighTrafficAcademy Video for elite members, showing some of the results elite members had after 14 days. Existing “old” HighTrafficAcademy Elite members from before the launch started to promote Project Breakthrough from 8th February 2016, the same day it was launched.
Here is the income example from one of my well known Elite member.

project breakthrough earning proof

NOTE : I do not publish my own earnings and payouts.

I hope you found this Project Breakthrough Training review helpful. By taking this FREE training you should have a better understanding of what it is and If it is something for you or not. If you have a trained, share your experience in the comment section. It will be helpful for others 🙂 I personally like Vick and Jason very much who are the hosts of this training section. I wish you the best and a lot of success in whatever you do in online space.

Take This 100% FREE Course *Earn money in 14 Days or Less


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