Easy Way To Make Money From Facebook Page

make money with fb

We all are using Facebook, right? How many people are making money with facebook? The number is quite a few. By using Facebook offer feature, we can easily make money from Facebook page This feature is useful for brands & online marketers.

Create A Facebook Offer For Your Fans

We all know to create or post a Facebook status update. Similarly, Create a Facebook offer from your facebook fan page for your fans. You can select an offer and use your affiliate link and a discount coupon or something which will be useful for your fans. People always link offer type stuff.

create facebook offer

Here is an example of creating a Facebook offer:


If you have no coupon code for your offer, then you can use directly your affiliate link on Online Redemption Link Box. For Example, i can directly offer the following link which offers 56% off without any coupon code on Bluehost.

Set Budget and Boost Offer

By default Facebook status or offer does not reach all of your targeted audience. That’s why we need to set a budget to boost our post. If you want to make a good result, then make sure your minimum budget is 10$-20$.

When you set your budget and set your targeted audience, then you can see the estimated number of reach. Look our sample screenshot below:

facebook get budget

Then Click Boost and you are done! Sit back and relax 🙂 Your Facebook fans see your offer and click on the claim to see their offer. They get an email for this. You will able to see how many people claim your offer. If they purchase then, you will earn money! In this way, we can easily make money from the Facebook page.

It is not mandatory that, every time you set budget to promote your offer. If you have a better audience on your fan page, then it is very easy to make money from Facebook with little costs. To do this, you need to know the ways to boost your facebook page engagement. 

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