Effective Ways To Drive Traffic From Forums

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In a word, Forum is the online discussion group. Online forums are the most common & still the great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. High PR DoFollow forums are blessed for SEO. This is a good way to increasing backlink. Thousands of do follow forums are available in online. All forums allow forum posting & signature. If you are an active member in your targeted niche and be able to add value in the forum, then it is a great way to drive traffic from forum to your website. Today I am going to discuss this in details 🙂

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1. Your Forum Profile & Signature

First thing fist. You have to be a registered member of the forum. Keep your profile information accurate, fill all the information, share your business related stuff in detailed as possible. Your signature is another important thing. Signature is the thing where the traffic to your website will come from. If your forum posts are interesting then people will naturally click on your signature 🙂

2. Discussions On Popular Topic

Seed the discussions which are popular. That means trending topics. Lots of users gather here. Create threads on those subject & start discussions. Remember, Discussions are the biggest traffic source! Always be helpful and be positive.

No need to spent a lot of time for discussions. Few good posts can help you a lot as you are consistent. Nowadays forums also have like, the best answer, thank you buttons. Posting some quality contents will always be considered trustworthy.

3. Participate On Related Forums

Thousands of forums are available in online. It is not possible to active everywhere. Participate on related forums which are related to your niche. For this try to find some larger marketing forums. When people ask something, you can answer their questions, provide them resources. Include the link in your signature 😉

4. Run Forum Social Accounts

Use social media account like facebook twitter etc. You can use social media related forums to attract user to your products, brand etc.

5. Don’t Forget To Have Fun (People Like You)

Everybody likes fun but off-topic is neglected in any forums. Write something cool when commenting on discussion sections. It allows you to know other members better. It creates a personal relationship in online space and helps to break the ice. In this way, I am able to find some super cool guys & they are very friendly and helpful. For that reason, I mention this point 🙂fun comment


In my point of view, these are the most effective way to drive traffic from forums. Share your forum traffic driving formula in the comment section below & enrich the experience.

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