Find Profitable Keywords Using Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

Keyword plays a vital role in online space. Google does not know who you are & what you are doing for your online business. Google has some ranking factors. If your write quality content but not ranking well in search engine then you have to believe that, you are doing something wrong, or you need to do few things for the better result. 

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is one most important topic. Keyword research is a process of identifying Keywords, which get the good number of search results/month. Keyword research is 80% for any online business. If you can find your profitable keywords, then your online success is very near to you. Because you need SEO optimized content to get the higher rank on Google & get targeted traffic. So it’s almost impossible to run a profitable website, promote affiliate products or anything without researching keywords.

There are many keyword research tools in the market. Some are free & some are paid. If you are a pro keyword researcher, then go for Long Tail Pro or SEMRush. These two has some powerful features. But if you want to research your keywords with zero of costs then Google keyword planner tool will be your best choice. Today, I am going to show you how to find your profitable keywords using Google keyword planner. 🙂

Find Keywords using Google Keyword Planner

Step 1 : Go to Google Keyword Planner & Log in with your Gmail account. Or if you have no account then just sign up. After that, Click on Tools > Keyword Planner.

keyword planner tool

Step 2 : Here you see the three different options. For our case, we select the first one: Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.

google keyword planner

Step 3 : We get 4 sections here.

  1.  Search Fields
  2.  Targeting Options
  3.  Filters & Options
  4.  Date Range

Search Fields: In search fields section put your keyword/keywords on product or service. For example “Backlinks”, “SEO” etc.

The landing page field is actually for Google Adwords users. No need to put anything here. But you can sometimes find a few solid keywords here using your site’s homepage or an article from your site.

Product Category allows accessing Google’s internal database of keywords for different kinds of industries. Sometimes you can find keywords here that you might have missed.

new keywords using a phrase

Targeting Options: This is simple. Simply select the targeted country, language & search engine that you are marketing on. In this case, i select all location (All over the word), language English & search engine google.

Native keywords is another feature that is only for AdWords users.

Customize your search (Filtering): Keyword filters option allows you to filter out keywords. For example, you are not want to see below 1000 monthly searches. Just enter your number in keyword filters box. Then put your suggested bid in the same way.


Keyword Options simply give you some options, how broad you want your results to be.

Keyword to include is a cool feature to me. For example, your keyword is “Nexus 6p”. Put “Buy” on the keyword to include section. Then google keyword planner find out your results for “Buy Nexus 6p” keyword.

Date Range: Simply select your date range. 12 months or last month or any particular month. Select any date range you want.

Note: This is not mandatory to fill up all of these fields to get keyword ideas. [Search Fields, Targeting Options, Filters & Options, Date Range] But these fields are very helpful to find out more profitable & exact keywords.


Just see the picture below. I just put “Backlink” on product or service field & click on ‘get ideas’ button. You may see the same thing on your monitor.

keyowrd research results

Here you get some list of keywords idea & their average monthly search, competition, suggested bid and so on. In primary level, these are your targeted keywords. But if you want to be a professional keyword researcher then you need to invest huge time to know about it.

Hope this google keyword planner tool guide will helpful for you & you will be able to find your best keyword by using this tool. Share this article with your friends if you found this post helpful & feel free to ask any questions in the comment box below.

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