Perfect Image Sizes For Social Media Network

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Good looking & Professional Social media profile is essential if you want to be a successful social media marketer. If you have a good, rich social media profile then it is very easy to earn money from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest. The first mandatory thing is Perfect Image Sizes For Social Media Network. If you use random size images for your profile then it will never be professional. Sometimes unnatural. 

Always try to keep your social media profile up to date and also keep your image optimized. See the following infographic. You get the details information for Perfect Image Sizes For Social Media Network. Hope you like this!

social media image sizes

Quick References : Image Sizes For Social Media Network


– 640 pixels x 640 pixels

Facebook –

– Post:472 x394 px

– Profile pic: 180 x 180 px

– Cover photo: 851 x 315 px

Twitter –

– Post:440 x 220 px

– Profile pic: 400 x 400 px

– Cover photo: 1500 x 500 px

LinkedIn –

-Background Image: 1500 px x 425 px

-Profile pic: 400 px x 400 px

-Career cover photo: 974 px x 330 px

Tumblr –

– Post: 810 x 540 px

– Profile pic: 64 x 64 px

Google Plus –

– Post:497×393 px

– Profile pic: 250 x 250 px

– Cover photo: 2120 x 1192 px

Pinterest –

– Post: 238 x The Length is auto adjusted by Pinterest

– Profile pic: 165 x 165 px

– Cover photo: 217 x 147 px

YouTube –

– Video uploads: 1280 px x 760 px

– Channel cover pic: 2560 px x 1440 px

Imgur – Does not matter. Auto Resizing in Place

Giphy – Does not matter. Auto Resizing in Place

To make professional social media business profiles/pages make sure that all your images are embedded with text to add more contexts. Add your creativity. Hopefully, It makes your profile brandable & eye-catching to others 🙂

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