How To Make Money From YouTube Videos

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We all know, It is possible to make money from youtube videos but many of them do not have the proper guideline or proper idea about how youtube works. Today I am going to share How to make money from youtube and how it works in depth.

How YouTube Works

At first,  I just wanted to explain exactly how he works. Owww just clear about one thing, This is not a quick way to earn money from youtube. If you dedicated to making a channel because you think you’ll be able to make thousands of dollars without any hard efforts, then just stop. That’s not the way YouTube works you don’t get successful/rich.

On youtube, you need to upload new high-quality videos consistently on your channel and build up your large fan base then YouTube authority notice how many subscribers you have how many views you getting. The position your videos higher in their search results and you get more views. It’s only at this point you’ll be able to make any kind of money from youtube.

How Many Views You Need To Make Money

This is the most common question, How many views I need to make money from youTube? The easy answer is, actually it depends on. You may be heard that Youtube gives you 1$ from 1 thousand views or $1,000 for 1 Million views.  Somebody may be say 5$ per views! Actually, we are asking a wrong question. We should be asking, “How much ENGAGEMENT YouTube takes to make money from it?”

youtube views and earnings

What is happening on this screenshot? 😉 Actually, you don’t get money based on the number of views. Basically, you earn money based on the number of people’s engagement with Ad.

What You Need To Get Started?

It depends on what you are planning and wich topic you select for making videos on your channel. But if you really serious on youtube then I have to say, A decent setup goes you a long way towards showing that you are really very serious and people must respect and like your videos.

  • A Camera : You will need to record High-Quality HD videos in 1020p. If possible why not 4k? We all know, Quality matters 😉

youtube setup

  • Sound Recording : Good Cameras comes with a good Microphone but If you are looking for the best quality then you need to purchase a Quality Microphone.
  • Lighting : This is optional but If it’s possible for you then why not? Some top category of YouTubers swears by it.
  • A Computer : For Editing your video you need a computer with better Configuration.

How To Enable Adsense Ad on YouTube Channel

You need to apply on google Adsense with your youtube channel. Watch this video. Here i show to how to apply for google Adsense and enable ad on your video.


Complete YouTube Course : Beginner to Advance

youtube course

Extra : If you want to be a successful YouTuber then You might love this whole course. Here you get the complete system for making viral videos. The best way to use Google Adwords to rank your video. Tips & Tricks for successfully making a title that both ranks well for your targeted keywords and gets people to actually watch the video. A better way to write video description that gives you huge SEO boost & more.

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Hope this post helpful for you. This is the actual way to make money from Youtube Videos. If you have any question ask me on comment section below. Happy earning 🙂

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