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Make money online now becoming very hot topic all over the world. Earn money online from home without investment. This is high time to strat online based business or marketing.

Headline Hacks : Cheat Sheet For Writing Blog Post That Go Viral & Get Sells

headline hacks

Headline hacks! The key to online success. No matter how good your content is, without a good headline, it will just be another article lying around over the internet. No one wants to read it. No one even dares to click it.  And if you are aspiring to make it big in affiliate marketing, this is the best way to put your business (and your money) to sleep. Continue reading

How To Choose Right Niche To Get More Sells On Amazon Kindle (Killer Keyword Research Method)

Get More Sells On Amazon Kindle

Selling EBooks on online is a great way to make easy money from online. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a great place to submit & sell your books. But there are millions of books available on amazon kindle. So you have to be a clever author to find your profitable niche. Personally, I write books & sell those books on Amazon and earn good amount of money every month. Click here to see my amazon author profile.  Today I am going to share with you Continue reading

Best 5 PayPal Alternative Payment Methods

paypal alternative

I am using PayPal for almost six years now. At the beginning when I started working on online, I had no enough idea about how to send/receive money from people of other countries, and Paypal made it very easy to receive money from one country to another country. An essential thing for online marketers/bloggers.

As a successful online professional I know, many sites are similar to PayPal with more or fewer features they provide. Now I will list down the best five PayPal alternative sites for money transfer which I have found very helpful to receive payments. Continue reading