Top 50 Google SEO Ranking Factors – You Should Know To Rank Any Website

google ranking factor


Websites are your assets if you are able to rank your site on Google. We try to rank a site for more traffic. More traffic means more money ūüėÄ Right? We all know Google use more than 200 plus various factors to rank any website, but Not all factors are equally¬†important. If you have a good website then I recommend you to read 5 Effective Ways to maintain SEO ranking. Today I have put together top 50 Google SEO ranking factor list. Some are controversial & Some are proven. Continue reading

Best 5 PayPal Alternative Payment Methods

paypal alternative

I am using PayPal for almost six years now. At the beginning when I started working on online, I had no enough idea about how to send/receive money from people of other countries, and Paypal made it very easy to receive money from one country to another country. An essential thing for online marketers/bloggers.

As a successful online professional I know, many sites are similar to PayPal with more or fewer features they provide. Now I will list down the best five PayPal alternative sites for money transfer which I have found very helpful to receive payments. Continue reading

ClickMagick – The Best Tracking System for Scale Up Online Business


You have an online business and want to scale up it for earn more revenue. Go for Advertisement for advertising! For this, you need to invest your money. When you decide to spend money on an advertising campaign, you want to make sure that you are getting value/profit for your money. In Internet marketing, you can buy ads from many sources, like Google AdWords or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Etc. It is very important Continue reading

Complete Guide to Create and Verified Paypal Account

verified paypal account


We all know about PayPal right? An Essential thing to send and receive money. Though there are some alternative ways to send and receive payments from online. You need to take help of services like Payoneer, Google Wallet, Neteller, Payza, etc. But PayPal has been one of the easiest and trusted service to send & receive Payment. But unfortunately, Paypal still not available in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ghana and some others country. Continue reading

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