Pinterest is a search engine, NOT social media. Now what?

pinterest is a search engine

Have you ever heard of “SEO”? It stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a BIG reason why when you type something into Google, you are greeted with tons of highly relevant search results. Simply put, adding SEO to your blog posts, products, etc can mean the difference between people finding your content and not finding it!

By doing SEO you get organic traffic from search engine. I recommend you to read :

And guess what? The SAME thing goes for Pinterest.

Since Pinterest is a search engine (not a social media site), you HAVE to use Pinterest SEO if you want to grow your account and get more traffic to your website. And it is possible to gain NEW traffic from your OLD content.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to do! The main element of proper Pinterest SEO lies in using relevant “keywords” that someone would be typing into Pinterest in order to find your article, piece of content, or product.

Here’s how

On every pin that leads to YOUR content or product (on your website), you should be writing a description (don’t leave that valuable territory blank!). When you write your description, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

First, make it conversational. Pinterest ain’t a textbook. People are looking for fun, personable descriptions that draw them into the content.

Second, weave several keywords into your description that are words or phrases someone would likely be searching for on Pinterest in order to find this pin.

Third, add a call to action at the end. Something like, “click through to read the full post” or “repin this image to save this pin for later.”

boost traffic with pinterest

With all that said, here’s a description I used on one of my pins, which encompasses each tip! I’ve bolded the keywords so you can see how they fit into the description itself:

“Are you a blogger or infopreneur who wants to launch her first digital product? This tutorial includes exactly what to put in your sales page AND how to price your product (with specific price examples!). Click through to read the whole post and download the free checklist!”

You can also see that this description is conversational and includes a call to action at the end to read the post on my site. What’s the point of doing this? Because if you DON’T add keyword-rich descriptions to your pins, then how on earth will people find them?!

SEO plays a BIG role on Pinterest, which is why we’ve been weaving it through our entire TYTC system so far. We’ve added keywords to your profile bio and name. We’ve created boards that your target audience is searching for. And now we’ve developed stellar descriptions to attract the right people.

When we do all of this, MORE people find your content on Pinterest. They follow you. Visit your site. Subscribe to your email list. Buy your products. And help you build a strong foundation for a successful blog and online business.

One of my students, Carisa, was getting about 800 monthly page views before using my Pinterest strategies. Three months later and she was up to 12 THOUSAND monthly page views, with Pinterest bringing a strong majority of that traffic.

Another one of my student Krista used Pinterest to 10x her page views and grow her email list to 500 subscribers. In less than 5 months, she quit her day job and started a full-time graphic design business, largely because of the results she got from Pinterest.

The neat thing about Pinterest is that it is EASY to master and saves tons of time, but most people are just using it the wrong way.

Utilize what we talked about in this blog post in order to bring in more of the RIGHT traffic. In the future, you can (and should!) add descriptions to ALL of your pins, but I’m of the opinion that game-changing success doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 😉

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