3 Secret Tips To Create A Killer Profile On Pinterest

Killer Profile On Pinterest

Pinterest is a very popular social media platform on the web. It has over 48 million users & this number is huge! It is a great chance to get tons of traffic to your website or sell anything from this traffic. For getting sell and tons of website traffic, you need a killer profile on Pinterest.

Imagine this, someone has just seen a KILLER Pinterest image in their feed. They look at who pinned it, thinking, “this person must have tons of awesome content, I’m gonna check them out!” 

And then when they click over to your profile…they’re confused. 

Your profile bio doesn’t say anything about what you do. Your Pinterest profile boards are erratic and don’t seem to have a common (or relevant) link. And your bio photo looks like a grainy iPhone selfie that hardly shows your face.  They think to themselves, “oh, this isn’t what I was expecting. I’m out!” 

But what if the people who visited your Pinterest profile INSTANTLY fell in love with you? What if they got so excited that they immediately clicked over to your website? The reality is that HUNDREDS of people are viewing your profile on the regular (even if your number of followers is still small!). Do you want those people to run away confused, or to stick around and fall in love with your empire?

(You can put your hand down, I already know your answer!) 😉

The secret to creating a winning profile on Pinterest lies in doing these three things:

1. Add keywords to your name

What are you best known for? What do you teach or share or do? Add 1-2 keywords after your name on Pinterest in order to make your profile more SEARCHABLE (remember yesterday when I told you that Pinterest is a search engine?). 

 2. Write a brief bio on your profile

Write a  bio on your Pinterest profile that says how you help people and where they can get more from you. Know this fact about humans: we are always subconsciously asking, what’s in it for me?

So instead of creating a profile that says, “I live in California, have a really cute corgi, and live for almond milk lattes!” (which doesn’t share ANYTHING about what you have to give to your potential Pinterest followers), craft a profile that focuses on THEM (your audience!). 

Here’s an easy formula for you: 

I help (who do you help?) do/become/learn (what do you help them with?).

After that, give them a call to action, which links to your website or better yet, a place where they can subscribe to your email list.

 3. An on-brand, a friendly photo of your face 

 Ain’t nobody feeling a personal connection to your dimly lit, sunglasses wearing profile photo. And personal connections are HUGE when growing an audience or business.

So, take a well lit (natural light, preferably!) photo of your smiling face so that people can get a glimpse into who you are. You don’t need a fancy DSLR to do this…an iPhone and good lighting are your golden ticket, friend.

That’s IT! Sounds stupid simple, yet few people put effort into this (which will, of course, cause you to stand out even more). Pinterest is not a social media network, it is a search engine. To get the organic traffic, you need to optimize your profile, boards, images, etc.

Here’s an example of my profile to show you exactly how I’ve put these three principles into practice:

 masuk sarker pinterest profile

Keywords in my profile name?…CHECK!

A profile that says who I help, how I help them and includes a call to action to sign up?…CHECK!

An on-brand, friendly photo of my face?…YOU BETCHA!

Now, your homework for today is simple: using the three tips I just shared & then create a killer profile on Pinterest! If you already have an account then update your profile using these tips 🙂 

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