Use Pinterest To Gain New Traffic From Your Old Content

Gain New Traffic From Your Old Content

Pinterest is a great traffic source. It is not social media, it is a search engine! To get organic traffic from Pinterest, you have to create Killer Pinterest profile, create optimized Pinterest boards, use attractive images in every pin post & so on. To get all of these ideas, I am recommend to read these blog post below:

But how can you leverage all of that knowledge to see more traffic right NOW? And the answer? By taking advantage of gaining new traffic from your old content. 😉 

Here’s the lowdown:

1. Visit Google Analytics to find your top 5-10 blog posts that have received the most traffic in the past month.

2. Create NEW on-brand Pinterest images

3. Add that image to your blog post and then pin it onto Pinterest. Using the SEO knowledge you learned, write a killer description for your pin.

4. Add these pins to ALL relevant boards on your Pinterest account. 

What will happen? Well, since you’ve been implementing Pinterest SEO and are capitalizing on blog posts that people ALREADY love, then you’re going to drive an increase in traffic to your website.

And the awesome thing about Pinterest? That traffic just grows and grows over time as those pins get more repins. Unlike social media posts that often become “old news” within 24 hours, on Pinterest, your content can actually become MORE popular over time.

Since you’ve been following the principles that we’ve talked about, you should see a noticeable uptick in traffic to these posts over the coming weeks. Hope this post helpful for you. If you have any questions then feel free to ask me in comment section below 🙂

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